Resume Objectives for Mental Health Counselor

Updated on: November 5, 2019

Looking over your resume, have you ever considered what the most important section is? The first section, of course!

Whichever one that may be! Why?

The reason is simple. The first section gets read first so it is obvious that it makes that all-important first impression. And the first section is usually the resume objective.

Resume objectives hold a special place in an employer’s eyes. That said, they gauge candidates based on what they have to say about themselves and their work abilities in an objective.

To be able to write a good resume objective, you have to understand the purpose of an objective and how to write an effective one. Information that needs to be part of a resume objective includes:

• The behavior you are capable of performing the required tasks.
• General skill areas such as clerical, technical, administrative, financial management, leadership, and planning.
• Transferrable skills such as motivating and instructing people, classifying, editing, influencing, delegating and collaborating.

You can write basically anything that tells the employer that you are the employee that he is looking for!

Let’s look at some samples of resume objectives of a mental health counselor as an example:

Sample Objectives for Mental Health Counselor Resume

• Seeking a position as a Mental Health Counselor at CGF Health Network using excellent skills in overseeing the continuum of behavioral health treatments and services. Well-versed in creating and implementing core mental health counseling plans based on individual analysis and response factors.

• Looking for a Mental Health Counselor position at Endeavor Health Services. Committed to assisting patients with mental health issues by providing them with customized plans.

• Desire a position as a Mental Health Counselor at Rushford. Offers demonstrated expertise in providing mental health assessments and therapy services, with deep insight into monitoring the progress and efficacy of the medication.

• To work as a Mental Health Counselor for Emerson Hospital. Bringing hands-on experience in conducting thorough assessments of patients’ mental statuses, history, and danger to self. Well-versed with preparing diagnosis and evaluations of mental disorders and implementing effective therapies.

• To obtain employment as a Mental Health Counselor at HealthFirst. Anxious to apply knowledge of conducting effective professional clinical interviews, formulating, implementing and monitoring treatment plans and responding appropriately to crisis situations.