Operations Coordinator Job Description for Resume

Updated on June 9, 2018

Position Overview

A company’s operational success is of the utmost importance as basically everything else depends on how well a company is running. Operations coordinators are explicitly employed to make sure that every aspect of a company is handled with one view in mind – staying in the public eye.

They ensure that every department is working on the set directives provided to them and towards the company’s mission. They also ensure that employees work according to the training provided to them and that their work morale stays high.

Position Requirements

To be eligible to work as an operations coordinator, candidates usually need a bachelor’s degree in either business or economics depending on where you are working. One also needs to possess strong leadership skills and be confident and professional at all times.

Before you begin writing your resume for the position of an operations coordinator, take a look at the following job duties that you will be expected to perform in this role. Use these power phrases in experience and accomplishment section to build an effective resume for operations coordinator position.

Operations Coordinator Job Description for Resume

• Plan and schedule projects in a proactive manner by interacting with both external agencies and organizations.

• Brief and debrief all participants of every project or program that the company has undertaken.

• Liaise with sales and marketing departments to provide program direction.

• Ensure that effective relationships are maintained with sales departments so that customer requirements can be understood and relayed to other departments.

• Produce and distribute relevant project material and resources to all program participants.

• Disseminate tasks through operational staff and ensure that all directives are being met constantly.

• Record and update operational information of all projects and program participants in company database.

• Interview, hire and train staff in order to ensure operational success of each department.

• Confer with departments heads to comprehend and make plans for attaining market share.

• Assist with the analysis and updates of financial trends.

• Perform research on operational metrics and handle reporting duties.

• Plan, direct and coordinate administrative efforts such as records and information management, mail distribution and office support services.

• Create reports on company functionality on a periodic basis and discuss deficiencies and ways of improvement with senior management.

• Ensure that multiple projects meet their projected deadlines effectively.