Education Outreach Coordinator Job Description for Resume

Updated May 19, 2017

Education outreach coordinators work as spokesmen for an educational institute in order to obtain funding for special projects, and to educate individuals and groups about the availability of services and facilities. These individuals are trained in handling communications work, including writing press releases and grant requests.

To work as an education outreach coordinator, you have to possess a degree in education or a related field. A strong background in education services and deep knowledge of both federal and state education systems and correlating rules and policies, are prerequisites of working at this position. In addition to this, it is imperative for education outreach coordinators to be able to create and deliver presentations to a diverse audience.

Working as an education outreach coordinator is quite a challenge. You have to completely understand the purpose of each program that you are representing, and ensure that all possible grounds are covered. Demonstrated public relations expertise, effective interpersonal and communication skills, and some volunteer experience in the past are usually considered when hiring people at this position. Furthermore, you will need to possess thorough knowledge of the local community – some employers may want you to possess a strong local personal network as well.

So if you have it in you to work in a team environment, possess exceptional affinity with education outreach initiatives, and can effectively communicate verbally and in writing, this is the job for you. And here is a list of job duties that you will be performing when working as an education outreach coordinator:

Job Description for Education Outreach Coordinator Resume

• Recruit, train and screen host members from within the local community and handle host family relationship management and retention work

• Create presentations and schedule and provide community presentation to build awareness and engagement within the local community

• Leverage social media, networking and partnering with the educational community within the scope of work

• Monitory educational delivery issues and provide strategic leadership in order to address these issues

• Develop relationships with key individuals and groups within the community to position the organization as an asset to the local community

• Work with various types of mediums for the development of educational materials, including audio and visual equipment

• Develop and monitor education and outreach department structures in order to accomplish annual goals

• Proactively identify and establish new programming and outreach opportunities, placing special focus on participants’ needs

• Oversee production and circulation of materials outlining the need for educational outreach and how it benefits all involved