Dental Insurance Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated: March 30, 2018

The most influential document in a job application set should be the resume.

Since the resume has the most information, it is essential to put in much thought and effort into writing it.

Here is a format that you can use:




Dental Insurance Coordinator Resume Example



Hannah Austin
637 Ole Road, Olympia, WA 80021
(000) 999-9999
[email protected]


Dental insurance coordinator, with 11 years of experience in providing in-depth support for all credentialing and insurance-related functions of a busy dental support facility. Proficient in coordinating and processing insurance claims, and handling communication with insurance carriers.


• Benefits Coordination • Insurance Liaison • Tracking
• Case Notes Creation • Authorizations Obtainment • Referrals Management
• Appointments Scheduling • Medical Necessity Reviews • Denials Prevention
• Patient Relations • Payment Arrangements • Benefits Obtainment

• Successfully had all 102 claims paid for an entire dental facility, within the provided deadline.
• Introduced the concept of medical necessity reviews, making it easier for the support facility to handle claims payment.
• Implemented a claims tracking system, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Singlehandedly created and maintained effective liaison with 55 insurance companies, resulting in increased ease in obtaining insurance denial and payment information.


Dental Insurance Coordinator
The Support Agency, Olympia, WA | 2013 – Present
• Obtain patients’ insurance coverage information and demographics, and educate them on their coverage, benefits, and copays.
• Discuss payment arrangements, and complete patient cost estimate forms.
• Estimate insurance coverage, based upon diagnosis, and provide patients with solid information regarding out of pocket payments.
• Verify insurance plans by using available methods, including payer websites.
• Coordinate efforts with insurance companies to determine statuses of claims.
• Obtain reasons for claims denials, and refile claims to ensure that they get paid.
• Respond to patients’ questions regarding payments and insurance coverages.
• Ascertain that all patients’ information is filed correctly, and is handled confidentially.

Dental Front Desk Representative
Fenway Health, Olympia, WA | 2008 – 2013
• Greeted patients as they arrived at the facility, and inquired into their purpose of visit.
• Assisted patients in determining the type of dental services they needed, and acquired necessary demographic information.
• Scheduled appointments for patients, and ensured that proper follow-up was maintained.
• Contacted insurance companies to inquire about statuses of dental claims admitted by the facility.
• Oversaw the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the dental facility, according to established standards.

Olympia High School, Olympia, WA – 2005
High School Diploma