Prep Cook Job Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on February 28, 2016

Prep cook interview ahead? Scared witless? Good! No no! We don’t mean to be mean. It is just that when you really want something to happen, you make an effort for it. And being sacred about something means that you want it so much that the mere thought of not getting it will leave you depressed.

What does one do then? One makes a little more effort so that there is no chance of defeat. Yes, interviews are scary prospects. Yes, they make our knees knock together and teeth chatter. But they are also a necessary evil that provide us with experience and exposure if not the actual job. A failed interview is not a failure – it is a lesson. And if you believe in this, you will see that your fear will diminish.

If you are well-prepared for the interview, you have nothing to worry about. While you may want to excel, it is alright if you don’t because for the next time, you will know exactly what it is that you don’t have to do. And that is enough. Be prepared for the type of questions that might be asked though. For instance, a candidate for a prep cook job will be asked these:

Prep Cook Job Interview Questions and Answers

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
After working as a prep cook and gaining experience, I see myself working as a gourmet cook at your restaurant.

Why do you think you will be a great addition to our culinary team?
I am an organized individual who has great insight into handling food preparation and storing activities. Being part of an organization as large as yours, I believe that you need someone who can create menus and recipes, cook exotic dishes and handle a little bit of the administrative side of the kitchen as well.

Why is it absolutely important to run a smooth kitchen?
The repercussions of an awry kitchen are always on the customer and eventually the restaurant. If orders are not delivered on time or inaccurate orders are delivered, it is the fault of the kitchen and wait staff. Once the fault of the wait staff is ruled out, it is important to see what went wrong at the kitchen. A smooth kitchen translates into happy customers.

What is your experience as a prep cook?
Apart from tossing salads, putting together sandwiches and burgers and portioning food, I have been involved in recipe and menu developing activities as well. I have handled food supplies inventories and waste disposal activities and I am also experienced in using and maintaining kitchen equipment such as fryers, ovens, dishwashers and grills.

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