Top 10 Food Preparer Skills for Resume

Updated November 18, 2020
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It is a common misconception that skills cannot be written in a food preparer resume. The truth is that if you do not mention your skills in a resume, chances are that you will not be called in for an interview.

Employers like to know the type of person that they are going to interview – they don’t want to waste precious time looking through resumes that do not say much.

Not intending to undermine the significance of other sections on a resume, the skills section is an extremely important part of a resume. Through this section, you communicate how good you are for a certain job.

Skills are needed for every job. If you are a food preparer, for instance, there is no way you can be successful at your work if you are not skilled.

While mentioning that you can stand for long periods of time and have the ability to wash dishes may not cut it, you can concentrate on other more important skills that you possess.

Remember that any food preparation skills that you list must be backed by evidence. This evidence is not an example of an instance – rather, it is a mention of how you use the skill in specific circumstances.

What follows here is a list of skills that you can put on your resume for a food preparer position:

Sample Skills for Food Preparer Resume

  1. Track record of following recipes and product directions to prepare food items in accordance with quality standards.
  2. Special talent for operating and maintaining food preparation equipment according to specific food items to be cooked.
  3. Demonstrated success in food handling procedures such as wrapping, labeling, dating, stocking, and storing.
  4. Full awareness of managing food rotation activities and following food temperature control.
  5. Skilled at chopping, cutting, peeling, grinding, stirring, and slicing meats, fruits, and vegetables in predesignated cuts and portions.
  6. Well-versed in handling and maintaining food inventories, with a special focus on stock levels and procurement activities.
  7. Competent at coordinating standards of quality food handling with proper sanitation standards.
  8. Excellent communication and listening skills
  9. Thorough understanding of carrying out food preparation instructions accurately and in a time-efficient manner.
  10. Superb time management abilities targeted at ensuring that food items are prepared prior to the commencement of cooking activities.