The whole idea behind writing a cook resume is to inform a prospective employer of your existence. Resumes are popular tools that are used to apply for jobs that may have been announced publicly or ones that the candidate hopes to obtain, despite there being no known vacancies. Either way, the resume for cook position has to be written clearly and precisely and possess information that is interesting to the employer.

A cluttered resume format gathers no opportunities. Yes, we made that up but it is not far from the truth. Imagine looking through a resume format that has so much information which is so closely placed that your eyes do not know where to look! Disastrous! Space your resumes properly and make sure that only the right information goes into them.

This format sample should give you a good idea to prepare your resume in a better way.


Cook Resume Format



Madison Clarke

7254 Briar Oak Circle, Sarasota, FL 99125
(921) 889-3269, Email

Passionate cook seeking a position with Hilton Inn utilizing culinary experience and the ability to follow recipes to create excellent gourmet meals.

• Over a decade of experience working as a Cook
• Diploma in Culinary Arts
• Highly skilled in undertaking menu planning with the chef
• Hands on experience in overseeing and participating in the preparation and cooking of main meals
• Familiar with safety precautions needed to be undertaken while cooking and performing other kitchen related tasks

• Demonstrated ability to cook all sorts of food and follow instructions
• Proven ability to work in extreme temperatures
• Great ability to work dexterously
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• Profound ability to meet tight deadlines
• Able to resolve complaints in an efficient manner

• Introduced Thai food at Serenity Suites by planning and building an entire menu singlehandedly
• Provided planned gourmet meals to three events taking place simultaneously within the hotel premises

June 2002 – Aug 2012
Serenity Suites – Sarasota, FL
• Prepared meals according to customer instructions based on menu selections
• Checked quality and quantity of food servings
• Directed and coordinated food and beverage preparation
• Investigated customer complaints
• Conducted training for personnel
• Planned menus
• Ordered stocks and supplies
• Executed presentable plate presentation
• Maintained and clean work area

Saint JoseCommunity College, Sarasota, FL
Diploma in Culinary Arts – 2000

Excellent references available