Catering Cook Skills for Resume

Updated on August 24, 2017

Inherent skills and those that we learn on the job are both extremely important for hiring managers, who are forever on the prowl for a good employee.

The most difficult thing to do is to communicate your skills as a catering cook to a hiring manager. And the best way to endeavor to do this is through a resume. Why?

Well, resumes are great at getting your point across, as they host a special skills section for this job particularly. When you concentrate on providing information of your skills in a resume, there is always a great chance that you will be able to convince the hiring authority that you have it in you to become a contributory factor to the organization where you intend to work.

Unfortunately, you cannot communicate your skills in just any way that you want to. There is a certain protocol that you have to follow. Telling a hiring manager that you are “skilled in managing workers” provides limited information.

But writing that you are “well-versed in managing workers so that they perform optimally” will give a prospective employer a completely different view of what your capabilities are. And it is this information that you need to communicate to a prospective employer, and not just basics of what your capabilities are.

Some skills statements for a catering cook position are provided here for your reference:


Sample Skills for Catering Cook Resume


• Highly experienced in developing menus and recipes, in accordance with clients’ requirements, to meet their events’ specifications.

• Demonstrated expertise in creating standard menus for catered events, with provisions for tweaking them according to clients’ requirements.

• Skilled in preparing and cooking large quantities of food items, while maintaining quality of the end product.

• Proficient in training and guiding kitchen staff to perform food preparation and cooking assistance work, to ensure delivery of food items in a timely manner.

• Adept at setting up and breaking down workstations for catered events, and ensuring that all dishes, cutlery and flatware is made available.

• Proven ability to handle and oversee food preparation activities such as cutting, cubing, chopping, and marinating meats, fruits, vegetables and cheeses.

• Competent in training kitchen staff in food hygiene and sanitation areas, and overseeing that all protocols are abided by.

• Qualified to handle food rotation and food inventory activities, and ensuring that low stock level situations are communicated to the kitchen manager in a timely manner.

• Effectively able to ensure the cleanliness and maintenance of kitchen areas, and appliances such as fridges, ovens, grill, burners and hot plates.

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