The importance of a well written cover letter for analytic consultant position cannot be denied in today’s over saturated job market.

In a scenario where hundreds of candidates apply for a single position, a job seeker must build a really appealing letter in order to be noticed by the prospective employer.

The sample below will guide you how to make an awesome cover letter for analytic consultant resume.



Analytic Consultant Cover Letter Sample


254 M. 7th Street
San Diego, CA 25141

July 27, 2015

Mr. John Smith
Hiring Manager
ABC Company
65 New Ave
San Diego, CA 20101


Dear Mr. Smith:

I am pleased to submit my resume for the position of Analytic Consultant at ABC Company. Along with Master’s degree in Statistics and 2 years’ relevant experience, I am certain in my ability to grow to be a central member of ABC Company.

Through my education and experience, I developed expertise in:

• Customizing analytic project templates
• Interpreting key analytic findings
• Drafting presentations of analytic results. Conducting data analysis by means of basic skills in statistics and database management
• Interacting with project team in a collegial and professional manner; help foster teamwork to complete designated tasks
• Providing on-site and/or telephone assistance (client inquiries, requests for ad-hoc reporting help, assorted research, counsel on analytic methods) and training to customer end users
• Completing assignments promptly and manages sub-tasks inside budget
• Interacting with clients in an effective manner and responding rapidly to their requests

As a fresh and passionate Analytic Consultant, I’d welcome a the chance to meet with you to talk about how my education, relevant experience and qualifications would be advantageous to ABC Company. I can be reached at (000) 999-0989 in order to arrange a meeting time that will best match your timetable. Furthermore, I will contact you next week by phone. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Alina Joe

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