Roofer Resume Skills and Qualifications

Updated July 30, 2021
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You might feel that it is difficult to chart out your skills for a roofer job so that you can put in on your resume, but that is something that you have to do.

Wouldn’t you let out a stream of information detailing how good you are for a job during an interview, in order to convince the interviewer that you are a good choice to be hired? Well, you need to do the same when you write your resume.

The difficult part isn’t writing your skills and/or qualifications in a roofer resume – the difficult part is determining what your skills are. While you be an excellent worker and might have received dozens of accolades, actually putting them on paper might be a little difficult.

But there is no need to worry. What you have to do is make a list of things that you can do – related to the job of course.

For instance, you might be great at creating spreadsheets or you may be physically dexterous enough to lift 100lbs at the same time. If these things are important in the job that you are applying for, these will be considered your skills.

The writing part is actually quite simple. While you cannot simply write, I can lift 100lbs, or I can create awesome spreadsheets, you can elaborate on these to explain what it is exactly you can do.

Here is how you can do this:

Sample Skills and Qualifications for Roofer Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in inspecting roofing problems and determining correlating resolutions.

• Hands-on experience in setting up scaffolding by following preset safety standards to provide safe access to roofs.

• In-depth ability to estimate materials needed for specific roofing projects and acquire labor and equipment accordingly.

• Deep insight into handling measurements accurately to determine the number of materials that will be required to complete a roofing project.

• First-hand experience in measuring, cutting, and shaping materials so that correct shapes and sizes can be obtained.

• Proven ability to sealing roof joints using a mortar and ensuring that roofs are treated so that they are waterproof.

• Able to effectively and safely operate both hand and powered tools to install and repair roofs.

• Excellent skills in installing overlapping or partially overlapping layers of materials over roof insulation surfaces to provide increased durability.

• Highly skilled in attaching solar panels to existing roofs and making provisions for solar panels or other external devices, by ensuring that the original installation is not compromised.

• Focused on obtaining quality materials to ensure that the overall quality of the roof is maintained for long periods of time.