Architect Job Description Sample

Updated May 9, 2019

There are different types of architects who work on different architectural projects; some popular architectural fields include data architecture, landscape architecture and commercial architecture.

On a broader scale, architects apply their artistic, construction and engineering skills to design various types of buildings.


They are licensed professionals who design building structures and handle the logistics that are important to ensure that a building project takes off successfully.

It is essential for architects to be in complete sync with what their clients want.

They consult with them to understand their needs and provide them with plans and drawings of how they intend to make it happen. Once a client has approved a design, architects begin coordinating the building process.

They collaborate with other professionals such as engineers, designers and construction workers in a bid to make them understand how a project needs to be handled.

An architect needs to possess a bachelor’s of architecture at the very least if he or she wants to work in a professional capacity.

In the USA and Canada, architects might be required to complete an internship program before they can be hired at this position.

Here is a list of duties that an architect will perform on any typical workday:

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Architect Job Description Sample

• Talk to clients to understand their construction needs

• Provide clients with information on possible alterations to construction ideas put forward by them

• Layout architectural plans to assist clients in understanding how a building construction project will proceed

• Discuss the requirements and objectives of a building project and ensure that a plan is designed within the allocated budget

• Make blueprints and provide clients with information on how blueprints will actually materialize

• Provide clients with a portfolio of predesigned projects to help them in making complicated designing decisions

• Educate clients on the pros and cons of certain designs and how they may affect their buildings in the longer run

• Prepare drawings and take feedback from clients regarding presented ideas

• Make appropriate changes to designs as instructed by clients

• Provide clients with detailed information on how their construction project will take off

• Develop final construction plans in a bid to show clients what the end product will look like

• Procure services of engineers, interior designers, and construction workers

• Provide each participant with a timeline and budget and oversee their work activities to make sure that both are adhered to

• Ensure that building codes, zoning laws, and fire regulations are adhered to during all phases of construction

• Ensure that necessary changes are made as and when required during the planning and execution processes

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