Resume Objectives for Computer Science Graduates

Updated August 14, 2018

If you are a computer science graduate, you are lucky because computer specialists are in high demand nowadays. Computer science is embedded in almost everything that we do at work.

No matter what kind of work it does, every type of organization needs a computer science expert – from the finance sector to governments to NGOs. As a computer expert, you may be a network engineer, database administrator, software engineer, android developer, and cloud specialist and the like.

If you want to be a computer expert, you will have to study computer science from a good institute. There are several things you will study including language theory, algorithms and data structures, software engineering, software design and computer engineering.

After graduation, to get a job in the field of computer science, you need a well-written resume which shows your core competencies. Here are some objective statements for a computer science graduate resume.

Computer Science Graduates Resume Objectives

• Looking for a Network Administrator position at Barnes utilizing CCNP Certification, in-depth knowledge of switches and routers and hands-on experience of managing juniper networks.

• Looking for a position as an IT Security Officer at Farnborough where I can use my experience in network protocols, computer management skills and troubleshooting acumen to orchestrate the secure and smooth flow of IT operations.

• Seeking a position of Information Technology Manager at WWF where I can put my IT education and personnel management experience to assist the department in managing the IT department effectively.

• To obtain a position as Computer Engineer at Greenpeace making the most of my skills in managing embedded systems for company run projects.

• Desire a position of Database Manager at the Hilton where I can use my knowledge on coding and managing databases to manage the hotel’s records and information.