Debt Collector Resume

Updated on April 12, 2017

Prepping debt collector resumes with marketing facts that target a job’s requirements should be every candidate’s prime concern.

The matchup between your qualifications and the job’s specific requirements is critical.

Remember that your efforts will go down the drain if you can’t put self-marketing facts in front of people who have the authority to hire you.

A sample debt collector resume to get you through the basics is provided here for reference:



Debt Collector Resume Sample



Gary Newman

15 7th Street | Eads, TN 58021 | (000) 343-1322 | newmangar y @ email . com


Performance Review
Uniquely qualified debt collection professional with over 11 years of experience in handling delinquent account holders and efficiently solicit payments to meet the company’s collection goals.

Energetic and assertive with a track record of success locating the right parties to negotiate payment arrangements on high collectability or value accounts, negotiating payments terms and conditions, collecting outstanding debts and initiating legal proceedings against debtors.

Professional Skills

✓ Collection Strategies✓ Follow-up Techniques
✓ Payment Plans Management✓ Recordkeeping
✓ Payoff Negotiation✓ Discrepancy Resolution
✓ Debt Counseling✓ Records Purging
✓ Client Confidentiality✓ Debtor Investigation
✓ Account Prioritization✓ Loss Prevention Strategies


Process Improvement: Implemented a series of strategies which reduced the chances of accounts being over-drafted by 50%.

Records Management: Introduced a system that automatically purged all accounts that no longer has outstanding debts, without the involvement of a staff member.

Client Education: Successfully implemented a client education program that focused on ways to work within the funds available in each client’s account.

Discrepancy Management: Singlehandedly resolved an accounting discrepancy within an assigned account, which had been in limbo for 6 months.


Debt Collector
Brock and Scott LLC, Eads, TN | 2011 – Present

• Successfully prioritize delinquent accounts that need to be contacted by sorting out assigned lists
• Proactively delve deep into each account’s history to determine past payment records and client’s personality
• Investigate delinquent account holders’ whereabouts through internal and external means
• Contact debtors through the telephone, in person or through email to provide them with information on the status of their accounts
• Provide clients with payment options and due dates, in addition to ensuring that they are aware of payment methods and modes
• Locate elusive clients and provide them with detailed information on the consequences of not paying up
• Solicit payments from clients in a timely manner, and ensure that their accounts are purged once payments have been made
• Educate clients and debtors about the various ways in which delinquency can be avoided

Debt Collection Officer
RSI Enterprises, Eads, TN | 2006 – 2011

• Sorted out delinquent accounts lists to prioritize large outstanding payments
• Drafted correspondence on behalf of debt collectors to provide clients with information on statuses of their accounts
• Assisted debt collectors on in-person calls to delinquent account holders’ residences and / or offices
• Created and maintained filing systems and updated record of payments and unpaid amounts
• Ascertained that all clients’ files were properly maintained, in a safe and confidential manner

Bachelor of Science in Finance
Concordia University, Eads, TN | 2005

• Excel and Word
• CRM Software

Bilingual: English and Spanish