Debt Collector Cover Letter

Updated April 12, 2017

Reflecting how you think and what you can do while situated in a work environment, is what a cover letter is all about. The minute you start talking about anything other than skills, accomplishments and desires to contribute to the organization in a cover letter, that is the moment your focus wavers! Make sure that your cover letter is a document that can highlight your abilities as a near-perfect employee.

Eventually, it is your cover letter that will be judged to see if you fit in, after the resume has been gone through. Spend time on creating a cover letter that “talks” to the employer. In it, present your past accomplishments and how you achieved them. Do not talk go on and on about your work experience as if you have done a good job with your resume, these will already be articulated there, and do not need to be repeated.

Here is a sample to follow:


Debt Collector Cover Letter Sample


April 12, 2017

Mr. Raymond Floss
Human Resource Manager
Brown and Joseph Ltd.
55 Dent Road
Eads, TN 57336


Dear Mr. Floss:

Owing to my outstanding performance in ensuring that 75% of the company’s (where I am presently employed) debts were paid in full, through appropriate and sometimes aggressive follow-up, I am positive that my entry as a debt collector at Brown and Joseph Ltd. will be a welcome event. Over the past 4 years that I have worked in this capacity, I have learnt exactly how to keep track of assigned accounts to identify outstanding debts, plan courses of action to recover outstanding payments, and efficiently locate and contact debtors to ensure prompt closure of their accounts.

As a target-oriented individual, with exceptional insight into the legal requirements that need to be followed when performing debt collection work, I will be an immediate credit to your organization. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, adeptness in negotiation, and the ability to persuade delinquent account holders to make quick payments are just some of the inherent skills that I possess. Once I am hired, you will promptly see the debtors list decreasing, as I put my skills in action.

With a desire to explain more about my abilities as a debt collector, I will contact you soon so that a meeting time can be determined. Until then, you may call me at (000) 854-0287 if you require any additional information or documentation to strengthen my case.




Gina Garbo

Attachment: (Resume)