Medical Coder Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: January 2, 2021
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Medical Coder Job Description

A medical coder is an individual who works in medical facilities to ensure that outpatient charges are appropriately coded into the system.

Their primary work is to make sure that medical codes are assigned for services rendered during an appointment.

Working at this position requires much in terms of accuracy and organization, which is why people who possess these qualities are considered eligible for the job.

Assessing patients’ medical records, and assigning the right codes to them is exceptionally important since one has to make sure that the outcomes of this work are properly managed.

Moreover, a coder needs to be a great communicator so that he or she can effectively create and maintain liaison with doctors and specialists. Resolving discrepancies and problems with coded entries will be all in a day’s work for you, which is why your problem-solving skills must be excellent.

Before you apply for the position of a medical coder, make sure you go through the following list of duties particular to this position:

Sample Job Duties to Add in a Medical Coder Resume

• Examine patients’ charts and records and ensure that appropriate codes are assigned to them.

• Work with both paper and electronic charts to determine the types of procedures that patients have gone through, and which codes correlate with these procedures.

• Look through patient records and assess the accuracy and completeness of each record, following pre-established protocols.

• Confirm that the diagnosis of each doctor or specialist is final and complete, before determining codes.

• Assign codes for all specialist procedures, diagnosis, and services, keeping in mind predetermined classification systems.

• Identify all chargeable services for outpatient and emergency procedures, ensuring that correlating charges are properly entered into the system.

• Check all coded information to verify the accuracy and completeness of each case and identify and resolve any issues that may transpire.

• Respond to requests for coded information by following appropriate verification procedures.

• Handle proper code selection activities by applying advanced knowledge of medical terminology and treatment modalities.

• Perform a comprehensive review of patients’ records, aimed at ensuring complete data capture.

Medical Coder Job Description: Position Requirements

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is usually sufficient to work as a medical coder, although some facilities may require you to possess certification in this regard as well.

As a medical coder, you need to be diligent in how you handle the many aspects of this work, as the accuracy and completeness of records are of great importance here.