Nursing Attendant Cover Letter Example

Updated March 8, 2017

Cover letters must be designed in a way that they seem like a piece of art to the hiring manager. Unfortunately, not all cover letters are made that way. Some candidates seem to think that it is alright to put in boring information, in a mundane way. But by doing this, you are not favoring anyone – especially not the person who is reading it. Hiring managers read boring cover letters every day, and do not really look forward to reading more.

Your cover letter for nursing attendant resume should be the highlight of the hiring manager’s day. He or she should sit up at their desk and gawk at what you have written. Writing to impress is not easy, we admit that. But if you do not want your cover letter to be placed at the back of a filing system, you really have to work at it. Following is a cover letter sample to help you through:


Nursing Attendant Cover Letter Sample


854 Pine Street
Colorado Springs, CO 41254

March 8, 2017

Mr. Jason Pitt
Human Resource Manager
Burke Rehabilitation and Research Center
99 Van Winkle Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 70232


Dear Mr. Pitt:

Once you meet with me, you will quickly realize that I am not your average nursing attendant. I can safely claim this as nursing is a passion that I have – one that I take quite seriously. 12 years of experience of working as a nursing attendant at one of the biggest and busiest rehabilitation facilities of Colorado Springs, I have many people to vouch for my skills in looking after residents who are unable to look after themselves.

Last year, I was asked to take up the most challenging task of my life – providing round the clock care to a 4 year old girl who had been admitted due to a back injury. Since my training and experience had been limited to looking after adults, I found the work a bit overwhelming, eventually getting the grasp of things and successfully rehabilitating her within 6 months of her arrival. This incident led to further training in this area, which I managed with flying colors.

Owing to my extensive experience, I am well-versed in handling both nursing and personal grooming functions, including administering medication, assisting with food and water intake, recording meal intake, answering distress calls, and providing companionship and support to patients assigned to me. I would like to further elaborate on this in a face to face meeting with you. I will call soon to arrange one.



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(000) 517-9027

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