CNA Hard Skills for Resume

Updated on June 7, 2018

The skills section on a certified nursing assistant resume is critical as employers tend to place much focus on it. That is especially true if you are in a position where nothing is more important than skills.

You can only work well as a Nursing Assistant if you have the skills to handle the demands of this job.

It is a common myth that experience is all that an individual needs when applying for CNA job. It is not true. Qualifications and skills to do the job hold equal even more importance.

Before you begin writing your resume, make a list of your relevant skills and abilities. Think about any accomplishments you have had in your previous positions and what skills you used to make those accomplishments happen. Use this information to make the “skills” section of your resume.

Use the following skills list to make a powerful resume for CNA position.

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CNA Resume Hard Skills


• Successful track record of assisting patients with daily living tasks such as bathing, grooming and toileting.

• Deep knowledge of handling residents with age-related diseases such as dementia.

• Demonstrated ability to handle adverse situations such as patients’ temper flares and unruly behavior.

• Exercises tact and diplomacy when handling sensitive situations involving patients.

• Physically dexterous with a keen ability to agilely transport patients from one location to another.

• Competent at counseling patients and families during distressing times along with educating them on medical administration and physical exercise programs.

• Familiar with medical terminology and healthcare protocols.

• Good communication skills aimed at creating and maintaining sound rapport with patients and families.

• Able to think out of the box especially when handling pressing patient issues.

• Sociable, tolerant and sensitive personality.

• Particularly effective in handling medical emergencies by employing patience and sense of urgency.

• Good listening capabilities aimed at ensuring exceptional patient services.

• Knowledge of human behavior and how diseases and disabilities affect it.

• High energy level with a great ability to work beyond regular working hours.

• Known for exercising compassion, cooperation and empathy.

• Adept at identifying patients’ needs and ensure they are fulfilled in keeping with the parameters of patient care plans.

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