Certified Nursing Assistant Job Duties and Tasks

Updated on January 1, 2019

Position Overview

Helping people live dignified lives by assisting them in everyday tasks is all in a day’s work for certified nursing assistants.

They assist patients by helping them with their dressing, grooming and toileting needs and ensure their general wellbeing.

Certified nursing assistants not only help their wards with tasks of daily living, but they also provide support in handling physical activities and emotional sustainability.

They help in ambulating patients and serving them with meals and administering medication.

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Certified Nursing Assistant Job Duties and Tasks

• Understand each patient’s care plan and ensure that it is followed correctly.

• Break ice with newly assigned patients in a bid to make them comfortable.

• Assist patients with personal hygiene, grooming, toileting and bathing activities while ensuring that their dignity is kept intact.

• Provide support to patients with ambulation and exercise.

• Observe patients’ to gauge improvements or deterioration in condition and ensure that any findings are reported immediately.

• Ensure that case managers are abreast of each patient’s condition.

• Administer enemas, douches, dressings and surgical preps.

• Check and record patients’ vital signs on a periodic basis and ensure that any unusual findings are reported immediately.

• Provide patients with emotional support by listening to them and offering unsolicited advice.

• Turn or reposition bedridden patients in an attempt to keep them comfortable.

• Change linen on a daily basis.

• Keep the patients’ rooms clean at all times.

• Collect specimens for laboratory tests.

• Assist patients into wheelchairs and accompany them to outdoor activities.

• Provide patients with physical and emotional support during and after doctors’ visits.

• Monitor patients’ nutrition and hydration and make sure that their food intake is in accordance with designated diet plans.

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CNA Job Requirements

To work as a certified nursing assistant, it is essential to possess a high school diploma at the very minimum along with a CNA certification.

People working in this position need to be very organized and possess the ability to remain calm even in the worst of circumstances.

Since CNAs provide emotional support to their wards, it is essential for them to not to succumb to emotional episodes themselves.

They need to be compassionate about their work and know and understand their limitations as well.

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