Alzheimer’s Care CNA Resume Sample

Updated on January 28, 2020

When you are applying for an Alzheimer’s care CNA position, you need to focus a lot on the information that you provide in your resume.

Because you will be looking after patients with dementia primarily, it is important that your resume reflects your experience and skills in this work.


An Alzheimer’s care CNA should write a resume to provide information of their ability to handle patients with dementia.

Specifically, knowledge of assisting patients to handle their personal needs, and providing emotional support is important to highlight.

Moreover, it is imperative to focus on your experience with patients suffering from dementia-related diseases, and how you have helped them in the past.

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Alzheimer’s Care CNA Resume Sample


Jane Johnson
970 Atom Road, Monroe, LA97031
(000) 956-8542


• Uniquely qualified Certified Nursing Assistant with comprehensive knowledge of nursing principles, as they relate to dementia-related diseases.
• 6+ years of one on one experience with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s.
• Dependable and highly organized, with excellent attention to detail.
• Able to develop positive rapport with patients, along with the ability to empathize with families.

Direct Patient Care • Personal Grooming
Patient Assessment • Counseling
Reports Management • Catheter Insertion
Emotional Support • Health Precautions
Patient Education • Patient Safety
Family Liaison • Mobility Oversight

• Simultaneously proved direct care to 2 patients suffering from Alzheimer’s
• Implemented a patient safety program, decreasing chances of patients falling down
• Trained 5 other CNAs in providing direct care to patients with dementia-related issues


Alzheimer’s Care CNA
Backus Hospital, Monroe, LA
Mar 2017-present
• Confer with health providers to determine assigned patients’ conditions
• Engage patients’ families in conversation to obtain patient information
• Assist patients with daily chores such as bathing, toileting, and grooming
• Provide emotional and physical support to patients
• Answer patients’ calls, and respond to their needs
• Reposition bedridden patients so as to discourage bed sores
• Assist patients in eating food, and drinking liquids according to their diets
• Measure and record food intake and output
• Examine patients to determine issues requiring medical care
• Calm patients down during fits or hallucination incidents
• Note patients’ behavior, and intervene as required

Certified Nursing Assistant
Samaritan Health Services, Monroe, LA
Jan 2012 – Mar 2017
• Looked through care plans to determine care provision
• Assisted customers with basic grooming and toileting tasks
• Provided help with mobility
• Started infusions, and took blood and urine samples
• Oversaw the cleanliness and sanitization of patient areas

Associate’s Degree in Nursing
Louisiana State University, Monroe, LA – 2011



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