Skills Needed for Office Clerk Job

Updated on: January 23, 2016

What are your skills as an office clerk? How would you effectively use your skills to contribute to the prospective company?

These are questions that you will be asked at interviews. But these questions are not limited to just the interview stage. Often, employers have these questions in mind when they look through your resume. And because these are constantly lurking in some corner of their heads, they end up looking at office clerk resumes with a critical eye, hoping that you will have bothered to create a special section detailing your skills.

Following is a list of skills for an office clerk job.

Skills Needed for Office Clerk Job

• Proficient in tracking, scanning and linking invoices and other documents for ease of information retrieval

• Demonstrated expertise in compiling fiscal data and assisting in preparing reports for financial, statistical and budgeting purposes

• Exceptionally well-versed in developing, implementing and maintaining new programs and systems related to administrative duties and clerical support

• Documented success in maintaining confidentiality of office and staff documents by ensuring that they are safely maintained

• Track record of efficiently providing backup to all departments within the company including marketing, sales and communications

• Proficient in operating office equipment such as scanners, photocopiers and fax machines and performing preventative maintenance on them

• Known for acting as a first point of contact for customers and visitors and  providing them with required information

• Unmatched ability to operate complex PABX systems and efficiently route calls to intended recipients

• Special talent for creating and maintaining both paper and electronic filing systems to ensure absolute preservation of important data

• Proven ability to compute, record and proofread data and maintain inventory systems efficiently

• Hands-on experience in processing documentation such as business or government forms and ensuring that they are submitted in a timely fashion