Top 10 Sample Skills for Office Clerk Resume

Updated January 31, 2022
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No one hires an unskilled individual. Even if you know the job description of an office clerk, you will not be hired if you do not have relevant skills.

Entry level administraive professionals usually take specialized courses or training to boost their skills level.

It is a fact that hiring managers skim resumes to reach the skills section quickly. As a matter of fact, the future of employment in the administrative and clerical field depends on how skills are perceived and projected.

Creative mindset, cross-cultural competencies, new technologies awareness, computer skills, workload management, and collaboration are all skills that employers seek in a resume.

Even now, management abilities, communication skills, research capabilities, and financial abilities are looked upon with great interest by employers who do not want to hire an ordinary workforce.

All these (and more if you have them) need to be clearly and concisely highlighted in your resume.

While you may not like being judged in actual life, you will be judged when you are applying for a job – and that too by the cover aka the resume! So make sure that it is actually as complete as an employer wants it to be.

The skills section in your resume is if great importance and needs to be paid great attention to.

Here is how you can articulate your skills for an office clerk position:

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Sample Skills for Office Clerk Resume

  1. Proficient in arranging meetings and coordinating schedules, and making travel arrangements in accordance with provided instructions.
  2. Highly effective in efficiently responding to customers’ requests and queries over the telephone and in person.
  3. Competent in operating office machineries such as photocopiers, scanners, and voice mail systems.
  4. Demonstrated ability to compute, record and proofread data, records and reports to assist executives with their work.
  5. Well-versed in maintaining and updating filing, inventory and database systems, both manually and by using technology.
  6. Proven ability to review files and records to obtain information, aimed at responding to requests in a profound manner.
  7. Adept at processing and preparing documents, including business expense reports and government forms.
  8. Excellent skills in typing, formatting and proofreading notes and reports, by making effective use of computers and typewriters.
  9. Exceptional communication skills aimed at creating and maintaining effective liaison between departments to ensure smooth flow of operations.
  10. Documented success in efficiently and effectively creating and processing documents and spreadsheets and inputting data in predefined company database systems.

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