Records Management Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated May 12, 2017

Position Overview

A records management clerk is hired by an organization that requires its data to be handled in an appropriate manner. The main work of a person working at this position is to make sure that all data that a company possess is properly handled and stored. These people ensure that the records management systems of a company are accurately maintained and that retrieval requests are handled according to company policies.

To work as a records management clerk, one has to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least. In addition to this, one has to possess exceptional data entry skills and the ability to multitask effectively. Working at this position means that you will be working with sensitive data, which is why you have to be extra careful in performing your duties. A few years of experience in data entry and advanced knowledge of using standard records management systems are prerequisites of this work. Effective customer service and communication skills are also required if you want to work at this position.

Working as a records management clerk means that you will be working with a lot of information which is complex in nature. You will need to know how to manage information so that its accuracy is not compromised. Here is a list of work that you will be performing in the role of a records management clerk:

Job Description for Records Management Clerk Resume

• Assess each department’s requirements for records management and provide viable solutions according to company protocol

• Prepare records by collecting, sorting, analyzing and processing data to make it system-ready

• Scan manual records to make them ready for punching them into the system

• Perform data entry activities to punch records into predefined systems

• Research, collate and scan certificates so that they can be effectively managed

• Convert documents to various formats and assist in transferring data between systems

• Provide post-scanning quality assurance to ensure that information batches are complete and accurate

• Create and maintain manual files of information and ensure that the same data is documented as backup

• Maintain updated files, complete forms and add new files to archives

• Modify and purge entries and ensure that any inconsistent data is identified and handled according to protocol

• Respond to requests for information retrieval after verifying the purpose of the request

• Ascertain that all electronic media storage devices including hard drives are properly cared for and maintained

• Create finding guides and labels and handle file indexing duties according to the specifications provided by the supervisor