Clerical Assistant Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated March 22, 2021
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The need for clerical support is imminent in every organization. It is crucial for every company to hire clerical staff in order to assist it in smoothing out its operations.

Clerical assistants are hired to handle many duties, including handling the reception and greeting customers and visitors.

They answer telephone calls and provide callers with the required information and also assist with incoming deliveries and in metering mail.

This work is highly demanding in the sense that there is so much that it encompasses.

On any typical workday, a clerical assistant will do a massive array of duties, some which may not even be related to each other.

Clerical assistants provide clerical and some administrative support to every department within a company.

This is one of the reasons that employers prefer to hire people who have exceptional communication skills and can liaison effectively.

The duties of a clerical assistant are many; from handling simple tasks such as managing office supplies to the more challenging ones like providing support to marketing campaigns, they do it all. What else do they do? Read on to create an effective resume!

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Sample Duties for Clerical Assistant Resume

• Handle generic operations of the front desk

• Greet customers and visitors and provide them with needed information

• Direct clients to the concerned department or person

• Receive incoming mail and ensure that it is distributed accurately

• Handle mail metering tasks and ensure that enough postage is available at all times

• Make sure that conference rooms are posted with daily calendars and schedules

• Hand out employee schedules and memos

• Provide support in managing company events such as employee recognition events and safety meetings

• Order office supplies and keep an inventory of stock

• Type and prepare correspondence such as letters, memos, and emails

• Ensure that all travel arrangements such as airline and hotel reservations are in check

• Arrange conferences in person and through conference calling telephone systems

• Assist in preparing timesheets and expense reports periodically

• Investigate and report maintenance issues of office equipment such as fax, scanners, and printers

• Perform data entry duties in company defined database

• Ensure that all filing and record management activities are carried out with accuracy and confidentiality

• Copy and file minutes of meetings and contracts

• Service requests for information through replying to emails

• Search for and retrieve information requested by company officials

• Perform document faxing duties and handle invoices and receipts by filing them properly

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