Circulation Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated: February 25, 2018

Position Overview

Circulation clerks are key employees of libraries, where their specific work duties include manning the circulation desk.

However, sitting at a desk is not something they do too much. In fact, the only time that they do sit on a counter is when they check out library materials or issue library cards.

Furthermore, a circulation clerk needs to possess a polite manner and the ability to handle follow-up procedures efficiently. A pleasant personality and exceptional communication skills are also extremely imperative to work in this position.

Many times, circulation clerks are required to help librarians organize and carry out activities about library outreach programs. In such cases, they may be expected to provide insight and logistic help to host these events and workshops.


Working as a circulation clerk will require you to possess a high school diploma at the very least. If you have a degree in library sciences, you may have a better chance at obtaining a position as a circulation clerk.

Circulation clerks need to be extremely organized in the head since coordinating resources is something they do all day. Additionally, they need to be well-versed in cataloging. The ability to look for information and resources in large settings is also critical.


Job Description for Circulation Clerk Resume


• Greet library patrons as they arrive and check their library cards to ensure that they are members.

• Perform circulation desk procedures such as checking books and resources in and out of the library database.

• Check-in deliveries brought in by interlibrary loans and liaisons.

• Assist patrons in locating and using reference books, journals, and periodicals.

• Provide support in operating library equipment to gain access to online and electronic resources.

• Answer telephones and provide information regarding library services, memberships, and subscriptions.

• Obtain information from new library users to create cards and records.

• Update library user information in predefined formats and ensure that any changes in information are updated regularly.

• Open and close library during specific hours and ensure that the inside and outside of the library is properly cleaned and maintained.

• Handle damage control by ensuring that all books, periodicals, journals, and papers are covered with a protective covering.

• Inspect returned books and materials to ensure that they are in proper condition and report any damages.

• Ascertain that all damaged books or periodicals are repaired or replaced on an immediate basis.

• Review records to determine overdue books and delinquent borrowers and ensure that they are followed up in a timely manner.