Pool Cleaner Job Description

Updated on November 12, 2014

Dirty pools are a complete put off for swimmers as they serve as breeding grounds for diseases and infections. Since swimmers are at their most vulnerable when in a pool, it is important for swimming pools to be clean and sanitized on a regular basis. Pool technicians or cleaners are hired to perform this very difficult, yet extremely important job.

Pool cleaners take specific care to assure that swimming pools in hotels, homes and resorts are cleaned properly. They perform rigorous cleaning duties on a periodic basis but they are also required to make certain that pools are cleaned every day. While it is virtually impossible to drain swimming pools every day and clean them, pool cleaners are expected to use devices such as hairnets to clear pools of any debris that may have collected during the course of the day.

Job Requirements:

Basic requirements to work as a pool cleaner include possessing a high school diploma or a GED, having good attention to detail and knowledge of safe cleaning techniques. Pool cleaners are not only required to perform maintenance work on swimming pools. They are often called upon to handle maintenance issues on Jacuzzi and hot tubs. Some major duties of a pool cleaner are listed below:

Pool Cleaner Job Description

• Check pools for dirt and debris on a daily basis and use specialized equipment to extract both.
• Drain pools on a weekly basis to perform cleaning and maintenance work.
• Scrub pool floors and walls using sponges, soap and chemicals.
• Perform vacuuming activities in hard to reach places inside the pool.
• Clean and disinfect drain pipes to make-certain that no clogs are apparent.
• Empty pool traps and filters and replace either or both in case of wear and tear of malfunction.
• Fill pool with water after maintenance activities have been performed and check for appropriate pool chemistry.
• Mix chemicals in appropriate quantity and pour the concoction into pools.
• Assure that pool water levels are maintained by checking gauges.
• Perform maintenance work on areas around the pool such as the deck and the shower stands.
• Handle minor fixture adjustments and repairs around the pool.
• Supervise extensive repair work being performed in the pool or around it.
• Store pool equipment and tools in a proper manner.
• Perform maintenance work on hot tubs and Jacuzzis.
• Perform regular security checks on pool filtration motors and equipment.
• Requisition needed pool maintenance supplies as needed and assure safe storage of cleaning chemicals and tools.