19 House Cleaner Skills and Qualifications for Resume

Updated on: July 3, 2020

Working as a house cleaner needs a great set of skills and qualifications. Even though many people seem to think that cleaning is easy, it isn’t.

Especially when you are talking about working as a professional house cleaner, you have to show your skills when writing a cover letter or a resume.

It is important to realize that your skills as a house cleaner need to be excellent from all ends.

Specifically, your knowledge of using the right cleaning products must be highlighted.

Also, you must ensure that you provide information regarding your knowledge of vacuuming and washing carpets, and replenishing bathroom and kitchen supplies.

Besides, your capability to handle housekeeping tasks such as laundry and dishwashing must also be highlighted in both the resume and the cover letter.

A house cleaner needs to be well-versed in each area of this work if he or she expects to obtain a position.

If you are looking for skills statements to put into a House Cleaner resume, here are a few that you can take ideas from:

19 Sample Skills and Qualifications for a House Cleaner Resume

1. Highly skilled in determining cleaning and sanitizing needs of different areas

2. Effectively able to clean floors by using brushes, brooms, and mops

3. Proficient in washing and sanitizing bathrooms on a daily basis

4. Exceptionally talented in vacuuming and washing carpets, rugs, and curtains on a periodic basis

5. Competent in washing dishes by hand, or by placing them in dishwashers

6. Deeply familiar with polishing silverware and metal objects

7. Able to mix safe and accurate quantities of water and cleaning liquids

8. Unmatched ability to handle maintenance work such as replacing light bulbs

9. Proficient in running errands, for instance paying bills and shopping for groceries

10. Adept at planning menus, and cooking meals in accordance with employer’s instructions

11. Skilled in hanging draperies and dusting and washing windows

12. Well-versed in changing bedsheets and ensuring proper pillow plumping

13. Familiar with collecting and disposing of trash in an appropriate manner

14. Proven ability to oversee food inventory and ensure that low stock situations do not occur

15. Highly experienced in polishing wood surfaces, including bed heads, tables, and wooden floors

16. Expert in carrying out heavy cleaning tasks on a periodic basis

17. Documented success in effectively sweeping up debris from inside and outside houses

18. Able to handle food rotation tasks, and ensure that expired items are disposed of

19. Exceptionally skilled in wiping down appliances, and performing preventative maintenance on them

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