Cover Letter Example for Cleaner Position


An effective resume and cover letter is an essential part of your job search for a cleaner position. A cover letter for cleaner introduces you, your relevant qualifications and your resume.

It gives a complete overview of your skills, expertise, and enthusiasm. This important marketing tool can create a perfect match between you and the cleaner job description, and determine if you’ll be interviewed.

For your assistance, we have created an example of a cover letter for cleaning position. You may modify it as per your requirements.



Sample Cover Letter for Cleaner Resume



356 Houston Road
Austin, TX 65287

March 12, 2018

Mr. John Doe
Hiring Manager
The National Home Cleaning Service
142 Lawrence Ave
Austin, TX 63699


Dear Mr. Doe:

It is a great pleasure to submit my resume as a job application for the position of cleaner at The National Home Cleaning Service. With my superb physical stamina and extensive experience in cleaning, I am certain in my ability to become a key contributor to The National Home Cleaning Service.

This position particularly caught my attention as it complements my expertise and qualifications:

• Proven track record of performing a variety of cleaning activities.

• Competent at using chemicals and detergents.

• Highly skilled in washing windows, walls, and glass alike.

• Hands-on experience in ordering and purchasing cleaning supplies.

• Adept at making minor repairs to the building.

Furthermore, I possess an excellent knowledge of HIPAA regulations. I can efficiently work with other members and perform tasks as per supervisor’s instructions. The enclosed resume details my specific cleaning skills.

I will be thankful for the chance of a personal meeting to discuss how my experience and cleaning insight will be valuable for The National Home Cleaning Service. I can be reached at (000) 999-0259 or via email at [Email Address]. Also, I will contact you by phone next week to check the status of my application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Julina McDonald

Encl. Resume and Recommendation Letter

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