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Updated on: July 18, 2020
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A housemaid performs home maintenance and cleaning duties including laundry, ironing, and washing. They are also expected to help in errands running and grocery shopping.

Housemaids should be trained to properly use cleaning equipment such as washers and dryers, floor polishers, and vacuum cleaners.

When writing a resume for Housemaid position, keep in mind that the normal resume patterns, styles, tips, and rules are not applicable to this position. That is because the prospective employers for housemaid positions are often private clients and working parents so a resume should be handled differently.

From the following sample housemaid resume, learn how to craft your resume for a potential client. This sample, along with this housemaid cover letter, is a very effective resource to build your resume.

Best Sample Resume and CV for Housemaid 

Sara Johnson
36 Example Street, Houston, TX 69999
[Contact #]
[Email Address]


Energetic / Hard-working / Friendly

Results-driven and trustworthy housemaid with 11 years of extensive experience in domestic cleaning and housekeeping field. Great ability to follow directions precisely using excellent attention to detail.
A friendly and calm individual who has good interpersonal skills to get along with other people. Very responsive to clients’ queries and concerns. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

– Linen Management – Room Cleaning
– Waste Handling – Supplies Replenishment
– Equipment Disinfection – Precautions Observance
– Elderly/Child Care – Dish Washing
– Furniture Dusting – Floor Polishing
– Rugs Cleaning – Errands Running
– Premise Security – Aesthetic Sense
– General Maintenance – Communication


Mrs. Anna’s House, Houston TX (Private Capacity)
Jul 2019 – Present
• Sweep, wash, and polish tiled floors.
• Assist in the purchasing of groceries and other household items.
• Complete routine cleaning tasks in assigned home areas.
• Perform common cleaning tasks at least once a week or month depending on the owner’s requirement.
• Dust window blinds, and reorganize room items to their original places.
• Clean mat and carpets, upholsteries, curtains, and draperies using particular vacuum cleaners and shampooers.

Housemaid / Domestic Assistant
ABC Company, Austin, TX
Sep 2012 – Jul 2019
• Collected clothes for laundry.
• Emptied waste bins, cleaned/replaced ashtrays, and collected garbage from rooms.
• Cleaned dishes after every meal.
• Maintained kitchen and bathroom sanitation standards.
• Cleaned kitchen utensils including ovens, stoves, and blenders.
• Ensured the perfect functionality of house security cameras and alert systems.

High School Diploma
St. Jones High School, Houston, TX – 2005

Excellent references available

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