How to Write Cover Letter for Job in Church

Updated on February 26, 2018

To apply for any position at a church, you may need a little extra struggle on your part.

While skills and experience play a considerable role in getting you a job at the church, it is actually how you word your cover letter that is going to decide your employment future.

Churches receive many applications for different positions each year, and it can get quite overwhelming to choose one to consider.

It is up to the hiring committee to determine which candidates will be able to provide credence to their church. The purpose of a cover letter is to make sure that the reader turns the page.


The most prominent turn off for a cover letter for any position is the length. That is also true for cover letters written for a job in the church. Recruiters do not want an entire life history or irrelevant skills.

Before you begin writing a cover letter, make sure that you have researched the church’s history so that you know how you can tune your cover letter with information along with your beliefs with the church’s structure.

Church Cover Letter Format

Use a presentable business letter format and correctly address your letter. You must indicate the position title.

Starting off your cover letter with necessary information about why you are interested in a specific position at the church is the best thing to do. The second paragraph is where you need to “wow” the reader. You should talk a little about your experience and knowledge of church setting.

It does not matter if your experience was paid or voluntary; you must mention it. Church employers look out for people who have a passion for serving the church and not necessarily an ambition to earn money.

While it is true that applying for a church position depicts your interest in taking forward the work of God, your cover letter stills needs to look as professional as it would for a “worldly” position. This is because you need to show the employer that you can excel in all environments.

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