Sample Resume for Home Childcare Provider

Updated on December 16, 2018

Position Overview

Home Childcare Providers develop and supervise schedules, syllabus and homework program for children.

They are responsible for the safety and security of the children at home.

They must have outstanding communication skills with a verifiable good character, and able to work efficiently with parents and other family members.

In addition, applicants for this position requires a license from a state or province.

A resume for the home child care provider is the only document which determines your overall candidacy.

Below is a perfect sample resume for those who are seeking assistance in making their home childcare provider resume.

Alternate Job Titles

• Parents Helper
• Preschool Teacher
• Baby-Care Worker
• Day-Care Aide


 Home Childcare Provider Resume Example


Sara Anderson

698 6th Street, Calgary, AB V9p 9E3
(009) 901-2541, [Email]


• 9+ years of extensive experience as a childcare worker and daycare attendant.
• A creative and cheerful person with keen attention to detail.
• Very caring, reliable and methodical approach.
• Ability to do work both in morning and evening shifts.
• Outstanding communication, organizational and writing skills.


Child Care Worker
HAPPY HOMES, Edmonton, AB | May 2008 –  Present
• Arrange and participate in indoor and outdoor activities for children.
• Change diapers for infants and toddlers following appropriate health guidelines.
• Prepare and serve meals and drinks to kids.
• Correct children behavior when needed.
• Read to children and instruct them with simple painting, drawing, games, handwork, and songs.
• Teach children to be sympathetic to others.
• Encourage children to take care of toys, books, and clothing.
• Ensure children are secure from any potential hazards.

Private Home Childcare Provider
ABC Company, Edmonton, AB | Jan 2006 – May 2008
• Watched children with particular medical needs and call for medical help when needed.
• Monitored children at baths or pools.
• Checked homework and assisted children in weak areas.
• Washed and disinfected toys and playing equipment.
• Kept records of child’s development and talked about child’s needs with guardians.
• Ensured supplies are prepared for scheduled activities.
• Taught children concerning good health and individual habits, for example eating, resting, and toileting.
• Oversaw rest periods and ensured children took proper rest.

City School, Calgary, AB – 2005

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