How to Write a Good Resume for Childcare Positions

Updated on June 7, 2018

Generally, resumes are considered challenging to write. But they are even more so if they need to be written for sensitive positions such as childcare. Resumes written specifically for the childcare positions need to have something extra content and sections.

When a prospective employer looks at your resume, he or she will have many questions in mind, the foremost being reliability. Since people working in childcare positions spend a lot of time with children, they need to be able to handle them properly. With child abuse and neglect on the rise in recent years, parents are especially careful about whom they hire to look after their children.

So how do you write a resume that will not only pique a prospective employer’s interest but also make him or her believe that you are the right person for a childcare position? Doing this is not easy but since it needs to be done, let us discuss what to put in a resume that is targeted primarily at attaining a childcare position.


The summary is the first section of the resume and consequently, the first one that an employer reads. For a childcare position, the resume summary should contain power words such as reliability, compassion, love, and patience. People who are looking for nannies or babysitters look for these words specifically as there is their child’s welfare at stake here.


Next, mention some of your key competencies or areas of expertise in a tabular form.


Providing information about your accomplishments in a previous job is essential. Since you will be handling children, you will need to make sure that parents trust you. Giving information of achievement in an earlier role will provide parents with an idea about how well you are equipped to handle their child. Think of things to write here – an emergency that you might have dealt or a project that you may have helped a child with – anything that shows your competency will work here.


Remember that experience counts for a lot when you are preparing a resume for a childcare position. While you should not list everything that you did in a previous childcare position, you do need to write the most important duties that you performed.


If your educational background boasts of certifications in childcare, your chances of employment increase automatically. Make sure that you mention what certification you have attained and where you trained for them.

Reiterating the importance of writing a good resume for a childcare position, much focus needs to be placed on how well you can handle children, especially during adverse situations. So you need to make sure that your resume reflects your ability to do this through every section.