Daycare Teacher Assistant Job Description and Duties

Updated on: November 16, 2019

Position Overview

Teachers are responsible for the future of students under their care and it is important that they are trained properly before they are hired.

This also goes for daycare teacher assistants who are responsible for young students – their physical, cognitive, emotional and social growth.


The basic work of a daycare teacher assistant is to provide support to a lead teacher by helping in creating a classroom environment that inspires children and fosters a deep love for education – typically in the early years.

Skills and Abilities

Daycare teacher assistants need to be skilled in many things including communication and provision of basic nutrition and hygiene services to infants and young children.

Additionally, they should have knowledge of child development methods and techniques which are derived only from specific training.


Teacher assistants working for daycare centers need to possess a degree in early childhood education – a certification or training in childcare training helps as well.



Many daycare centers prefer teacher assistants who have had some experience or background in handling children with challenging behaviors and/or disabilities.

They may work with one age group or different ones depending on their individual work settings and responsibilities. Either way, they have to perform some or all of the following activities:

Daycare Teacher Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist lead teachers in developing daycare curriculums for groups of students

• Provide assistance in designing and imparting lessons catering to each student’s individual abilities

• Help children in feeding, bathing and changing diapers

• Plan long and short term activities to engage children throughout the course of the day

• Encourage children to take part in class and recreational activities

• Observe and monitor children to ensure that they are comfortable and intervene following signs of distress

• Ascertain that the classroom environment is in accordance with program goals and philosophies

• Perform research activities to develop educational materials to aid classroom instruction

• Assist older children in partaking their meals and using the facilities

• Ensure the physical and emotional comfort of children by providing them a safe environment

• Organize entertainment classes such as fine arts, music and dance lessons and encourage students to participate

• Coordinate with daycare center office to procure classroom supplies and educational equipment

• Handle cleaning and maintenance activities of the classroom and ensure that any hazardous materials are discarded before children arrive

• Handle emergencies by employing knowledge of First Aid and CPR