Top 10 Sous Chef Hard Skills for Resume

Updated February 1, 2021
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Skills are important, yes. But do you know in which situation skills are the most important?

At the entry-level. No, you will not be judged solely on your skills but if you do have a strong skills set, your candidature for a position becomes strong too.

There are many people that you are competing with, and you have to make sure that you win the race even if the odds are against you.

How you word your skills will make a great difference in how you are perceived by a prospective employer, looking to hire an individual who has everything that he wants.

If you fit the profile, you are half-hired! Whether you are skilled in a couple of areas or many, you need to make sure that the hiring manager knows about it.

The skills portion of your resume is what will do the job. Fill it up with information on how well you can handle the duties that will be entrusted to you once you are hired.

Make sure that the way you word your phrases is the way the employer wants you to. And how can you do that?

By looking thoroughly through the following phrases for a sous chef position:

10 Sample Hard Skills for Sous Chef Resume

  1. Proficient in providing assistance in the creation of menus and recipes, by focusing on the culinary preferences of patrons.
  2. Adept at handling both food cost and inventory control by employing exceptionally well-placed organization and financial skills.
  3. Able to effectively handle staff supervision and scheduling duties to ensure that no kitchen station is unmanned, especially during staff shortages or rush hours.
  4. Unmatched ability to ensure that the kitchen brigade has high culinary standards through effective training and staff development procedures.
  5. Competent in managing food purchasing and storage activities by ensuring that costs are kept under control and that food spoilage is kept at bay.
  6. Track record of maintaining a safe and hygienic kitchen environment by performing and overseeing sanitation and staff personal hygiene initiatives.
  7. Proven ability to efficiently plan, coordinate, and implement special events and holiday functions by a leading banquet or catering services.
  8. Qualified to supervise the preparation and cooking of food items according to the recipe standards.
  9. Documented success in monitoring food production, ordering, cost, and quality to ensure that it meets the quality standards of the organization.
  10. Focused on providing quality customer services by ensuring order accuracy, timeliness, and appropriate portioning of food items on dishes and platters.

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