Skills for Chef Resume

Updated January 17, 2019

Chefs work in a variety of settings – you may find them in restaurants, kitchens, coffee shops, and a soup kitchen.

They are trained people who have in-depth knowledge of cooking a variety of things including gourmet meals and pastries.

Additionally, they are responsible for both food operations and budgeting within the organization that they work in and are also required to look after food inventory and training needs of the establishment.

Chefs sometimes work as order takers in an establishment that requires its staff to provide that perfect and personal customer service.

They keep in touch with customers to derive feedback and compliments.

If you have the aptitude to be a chef, you can go a long way. It is an inborn talent which is polished with training and experience, and this is the prime skill that an employer looks for when hiring someone for this position.

There are many other skills that a chef is required to possess. Let us see what some of them may be!

Skills List for Chef Resume

• Highly skilled in cooking and preparing a variety of cuisines.

• Able to develop recipes and portion specifications following consumer tastes and nutritional needs.

• Exceptional ability to establish a well-tuned pallet.

• Adept at using kitchen tools and knives.

• Track record of supervising kitchen and wait staff effectively.

• Special talent for maintaining a high level of hygiene.

• Inborn ability to explore new cooking avenues.

• Thorough understanding of sanitation needs of the kitchen.

• Demonstrated ability to train new culinary staff.

• Knowledge of heat control and baking techniques.

• Able to lead and motivate a big team.

• Committed to working in extremely hot temperatures.

• Ability to concentrate on food quality.

• Competent at adhering to the budgets.

• Particularly effective in overseeing staff to ensure quality and quantity.

• Proficient in resolving conflicts.

Chef Soft Skills

• Strategic Thinking
• Strong Business Acumen
• Customer Service
• Thoroughness
• Leadership
• Communication
• Presentation

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