How to Write a Profile / Summary for a Sous Chef

Updated on: September 20, 2017

Writing a resume profile or summary is not a big deal if you know the basics of it. The first thing that you have to understand is what this particular part of a resume denotes. A Sous Chef resume summary is written for one prime purpose, and that is to encourage hiring managers to keep reading.

Often, hiring authorities read the first few words of a resume and if they are not impressed, they move on to the next resume. In order to keep them interested in a job seeker’s candidature, it is important to create the resume summary with a lot of care and thought.

Let us take the example of a sous chef resume. What would a person applying for this position write in his or her summary?

The answer to this is simple. A sous chef will need to highlight his or her support capabilities in the kitchen. Since resume summaries are not supposed to be long, it is important to stick to the fundamentals. What would be the fundamentals for a sous chef position? How he or she is able to handle kitchen operations with respect to preparing food items, assisting with food rotation activities, and providing support to lead chefs so that orders are delivered on time, is the information that will go into a resume summary.

When you are applying for a sous chef position, make sure that your resume profile highlights your main capabilities – but not all. Why? Basically, resume summaries are short snippets of your capabilities, designed to entice a hiring manager to keep reading. You cannot possibly fit in all of your capabilities because of lack of space. Also, doing so means that you may unknowingly antagonize the reader, who doesn’t want to read so much in one go.

For a sous chef position, you will need to place emphasis on a lot of your abilities, such as you knowledge of menu and recipe development, exposure to world cuisines, and comprehension of running a tight kitchen. If you are able to write all this in 3 sentences or less, your resume profile will be considered successful.

An example of a resume summary for a sous chef position is provided below:

Highly experienced, resourceful and creative sous chef, with extensive exposure to working in busy restaurant kitchens. Demonstrated expertise in handling food preparation and cooking activities, with special focus on maintaining quality and standard of all food items.

Notice that this resume summary has outlined a sous chef’s knowledge about the work, and the skills offered. Both these will go a long way in helping prospective employers decide to keep reading the resume that begins with this summary.