11 Executive Chef Skills for Resume

Updated June 12, 2022
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There is very little that a prospective employer can judge you if he does not have a list of skills in front of him.

It can be made evident from your achievements as a chef and experience that you are indeed a good contender for a position, but something is missing in this equation. And that is the how part.

A hiring manager may take your word for it or wonder how you came to do the stuff that you claim you did.

Mentioning your skills somehow makes both accomplishments and experience more “real” for a prospective employer.

So what should be your way of work?

List your skills in your resume, and you may never have to worry about being taken for granted.

But there are rules to creating a dedicated section for skills on an Executive Chef resume.

You cannot just throw information, expecting the reader to guess and understand how brilliant you are. As a matter of fact, you must make sure that the sentences you write are honest, earnest, and well, spot on to your eventual position in the company.

Before you begin listing down your skills, go through Executive Chef job duties, and see how you managed to perform them. For each job duty, you should be able to come up with an associated skill.

This is how this can be done:

11 Sample Skills for Executive Chef Resume

  1. Highly experienced in creating menus from scratch, keeping in mind customers’ likes and local standards.
  2. Hands-on experience in developing recipes for different cuisines including French, Italian, Indian, and Japanese.
  3. Well-versed in providing training to both new and existing kitchen staff members to give them insight into handling their specific work.
  4. Competent in creating and adhering to budgets by ensuring that all food acquisition activities are performed accordingly.
  5. Able to develop and maintain kitchen sanitation procedures and ensure that they are correctly implemented.
  6. Proven record of effectively handling food supply problems by employing exceptional comprehension of inventory management.
  7. Effectively able to provide direction and mentorship to kitchen staff, focusing on the delivery of extraordinary culinary services.
  8. Skilled in determining the need for kitchen equipment and appliances and fulfilling these needs by creating and maintaining effective liaison with vendors and suppliers.
  9. Proficient in deciding the best way and avenue of acquiring quality food items and creating appropriate storage space for them.
  10. Adept at handling food inventory and rotation work to minimize spoilage and wastage.
  11. Particularly effective in safeguarding all kitchen employees by implementing training to increase their awareness of safety, sanitization, and accident prevention principles.

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