Position Overview

Chefs are an important part of any culinary setting. They plan menus, direct the preparation of food, order supplies and basically ensure that everything is managed properly within a kitchen. Chefs work in hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and even hospitals.

Managing food is not the only duty of a chef. A chef is also responsible for training cooks in a particular hospitality arrangement. They provide on job lessons and ensure that everything works in accordance to the establishment’s policies and monitor the over all performance of the kitchen. Chefs usually start out as apprentice chefs and work their way up to this position. This position requires them to possess exceptional knowledge of the food industry and a great love for cooking. People applying for the position of a chef need to possess great cooking skills and management acumen.

Here are a few examples of objective statements that will provide you with idea how to write an effective and targeted objective for a Chef Resume.

Chef Resume Objective Examples

• Energetic, results-driven culinary professional seeking a challenging position as a Chef with Marriott New York. Bringing  integrity, professionalism and skills to provide a high standard of service.

• Looking for a Chef position with Hilton Suites utilizing excellent culinary skills in order to provide exceptional hospitality services.

• Seeking a position as a Chef with Java Coffee using competencies in food preparation, menu planning and culinary staff management.

• To obtain a Chef position with Hamilton Hotel employing keen gastronomic acumen and leadership qualities to run a successful kitchen.

• A position of Chef with Family Health Hospital. Offering dedicated culinary service record along with profound understanding of patient’s nutritional needs.

• To work as a Chef with Hyatt utilizing a track record of exceeding culinary service expectations in a dynamic hospitality environment.