If you are seriously pursuing a career in the food industry, and already have a resume ready to apply as a catering attendant, then it’s definitely time to write a cover letter for the position.

A winning cover letter for a catering attendant resume must vividly create and demonstrate remarkable resemblance among your core competencies and the expertise demanded by the target employer. The purpose of your cover letter is to convince the reader that you are in possession of the exact skills and attributes needed for the job. Since candidate skill preferences for the position of catering assistant may be varied, it is very important to learn about your target potential employer’s expectations from the position before attempting to write a cover letter.


Catering Attendant Cover Letter


Rachael Klein
Apt 698 Newland Sq
Kansas, MO 90422
Cellular: (004) 333-6666
rachael . klein @ email . com

February 6, 2014

Mr. Jake Reggie
HR Manager
Marriot Int’l Hotels
89 Gregory Lane
Kansas, MO 90422


Dear Mr. Reggie:

I came across your need for a catering assistant yesterday via your website. My knowledge of catering industry couples with a focus on providing exceptional customer services makes me a great contender for this position.

Your Requirements


My Competencies


▶  Customer service orientation ✔ Being a seasoned and professional catering assistant I possess a highly customer centered attitude and work approach.


▶  Ability to develop a recipe following written and verbal instruction ✔ Efficient in replicating food dishes following the given recipe to book coupled with profound ability to multiply and divide the ingredient quantity ratios to suit the given order.


▶  Experience in catering related setting up and breaking down tasks ✔ Proficient in kitchen prep and food setting up tasks including table setting, break down tasks including clean up, dish washing and clearing of tables after guests leave.


▶  Expertise in designing and arranging buffet tables ✔ Demonstrated ability to set up beautiful buffet arrangements independently, well practiced in monitoring and replenishing the same throughout service.


▶  Knowhow of kitchen hygiene and food preservation standards and protocols ✔ Familiarity with hygiene and sanitation standards of food cooking and service, prepared food re heating precautions, cleanliness of work stations, prep counters and service area and proper storage of leftover food.


Your time in reviewing my job application package is greatly appreciated. I can be reached at (004) 333-6666 to schedule an interview time at your convenience in order to discuss my related qualifications further. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Very truly yours,

Rachael Klein