Quick Tip   Regardless of where you intend to send you resume, make sure that it is sully customized as per requirements of the prospective employer. The following resume sample will help you with crafting a focused resume:           Sterile Processing Technician Resume Sample     Henry Adams 828 Hallmark Boulevard, […]

Position Overview A sterile processing technician’s main work is to make sure that all the instruments and equipment assigned to him or her, are properly cleaned, decontaminated, and sterilized, as per provided instructions. Sterile processing technicians are usually hired by hospitals with dedicated surgical units, and are required to ensure that all sterilization processes are […]

It is not very often that anyone will tell you to get your act together when writing the skills section on your Sterile Processing Technician resume. Why? Because most people are unaware about how important this particular section in a resume is. There is a great chance that if this section is properly handled, you will […]

The Sterile Processing Technician interview process may not seem like the best part of your day, but it is definitely the most important. All the time that you were anxiously waiting for a telephone call that will tell you that you have been chosen for the next round, will not have been in vain in […]

2 decades ago, it was not a big deal to write a Sterile Processing Technician cover letter that was sparse. Now, it is. A cover letter that does not fulfill its purpose is not given any type of consideration. In fact, it is considered to be poorly managed, and dumped in the nearest bin. How […]

Overview Great are the resumes that bring instant results – unfortunately, great resumes are hard to come by, and even harder to create. If you go through the following resume sample, you may get a fair idea of what lines a resume should be written along:           Server Technician Resume Example […]

If a cover letter doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, all the effort that you have put into writing one (and creating a resume) will go to waste. Make a special effort to write your cover letter in a profound way. How does one make sure that one writes a cover letter to […]