A postmaster resume is not simply information on a piece of paper. In fact, it is vital data for hiring managers to work with so that they can decide if an individual is worth their money and time. The more professionally it is written, the better chances of you qualifying for a position. Here […]

Your ability to do something (and do it right) is what determines if you are a good fit for a postmaster job. The better you are at doing something that is important to a hiring manager, the more brownie points you collect in your kitty. Making sure that your skills and abilities are clearly communicated […]

You may have heard this a dozen times that skills are what make you shine in a resume – well, it’s time we reiterated this anyway! You cannot run away from this fact. When you write a resume, your main emphasis should be on the skills section. When you fail to announce your skills, you […]

Convincing an employer that you are a better choice to hire – better than the dozen others who have applied for the epidemiologist job – is hardly an easy feat to accomplish. But since this is exactly what you have to do, it is best to acquire advice from an experienced person. The operative word […]

  When you spend time and effort on your resume, it shows. When you don’t, it screams! As the first document that is used to connect a candidate to a hiring manager, the resume is considered exceptionally important. You do not want your “first contact” to be flimsy. Make your resume count for something by […]

It is no mystery that objectives rock resumes. A resume that lacks an objective is almost always ignored by employers who would rather look at the beginning of the document to see what the rest of the resume holds, than read the whole (sometime more than 2 pages) document. An objective has a comforting effect […]

An employee is nothing if he is unskilled. And employers who place special focus on this often scrutinize a prospective employee by gauging what his or her skills are. Mentioning your skills in your resume is probably the best way to get your point across to an employer, who is banking highly on your work-related […]