Counseling Practicum Resume Sample

  Counseling Practicum resumes are your key to success – but only if you know how to use them efficiently. The following resume sample will show you how to use a format to your benefit:       Counseling Practicum Resume Example     Anthony King 176 55th Street SE Long Island, NY87531 (000) 124-2141… Read More »

Animal Science Resume Skills

Working in any position requires consummate skills in that particular arena. However, many of us fail to mention our skills in our resumes, erroneously believing that doing so is a waste of time. In fact, writing your skills in your resume is anything but! When you mention how qualified you are for a particular job,… Read More »

Fish Biologist Resume Sample

Not writing a fish biologist resume is no option when applying for a job. The only trouble that you may have is when you look for a format. And we have made that easy for you too. Here is a sample that you can base your resume on:       Fish Biologist Resume Example… Read More »

Floater Teacher Resume Sample

There is no barrier to writing a good resume, if you have been successful in researching the position and the company properly. To see which format to base your resume on, have a look at the following sample:       Floater Teacher Resume Example     Sarah White 77 Bridge Road, Houston, TX 60210… Read More »

Resume Summaries for Retirees

Retiring from your current job is no reason for you to be depressed about future work opportunities. Believe us when we say that even after you have spent more than half your life working, and have reached retirement age, there are still opportunities out there for you. The trick is to make sure that your… Read More »

Rigger Skills for Resume

Your skills are your key to enter a hiring manager’s office. If you do not mention them on your resume, your chances of being called in for an interview diminish significantly. Not many applicants understand this, and end up sending in resumes that have all the other information, but lack the skills section. There is… Read More »

Marine Surveyor Resume Sample

Hooking the reader with the opening, and keeping him or her hooked throughout – that is the basic element of a resume. If this does not exist, there is no point in writing one. Have a look at the following resume sample to take ideas from:         Marine Surveyor Resume Example  … Read More »

Golf Course Superintendent Resume Objectives

Writing an objective is no big deal. Right? Wrong! An objective cannot be taken with a pinch of salt. The success of your resume depends on how well it opens, and since an objective marks the beginning of your resume, it is imperative to write it in a brilliant manner. Unfortunately, not everyone can write… Read More »

Golf Course Superintendent Skills for Resume

It is an ignored fact that the skills section on a Golf Course Superintendent resume makes it worth the hiring manager’s time and effort. When you highlight your skills in a manner consistent with the prospective employer’s needs, you are doing him or her a great favor. Hiring managers actively seek candidates who know what… Read More »

How to Turn Job Duties into Achievements

Overview Knowing the difference between job duties and achievements is very important, especially before you write a resume. Since both these sections (job duties and achievements or accomplishments) need to be part of the resume, it is imperative to draw a line where one ends and the other begins. What is the difference? The difference… Read More »