Overview Knowing the difference between job duties and achievements is very important, especially before you write a resume. Since both these sections (job duties and achievements or accomplishments) need to be part of the resume, it is imperative to draw a line where one ends and the other begins. What is the difference? The difference […]

Skilled individuals are required for all types of horse training positions, whether you are just beginning your career, or are at the top of an organizational hierarchy chart. The more skilled you are, the better your chances of being considered as a viable candidate for a job. What is unfortunate is the fact that job […]

One of the main reasons for the failure of a Metallurgist resume is its inability to show the employer how skilled a job seeker is. Wrongly believing that resumes are all about experience and education, we often ignore the skills section, making hiring managers believe that we have little or no skills in areas that […]

There are some skills that we flaunt on a daily basis – and there are others that we are unaware of. It is the latter that we have to identify and put in a plate for a hiring manager to see. The resume is a great avenue to showcase our skills, and it is imperative […]

Overview A Geophysicist resume can be written in an extremely bad way or good – there is no in-between. Or so it is believed. Do not leave your resume half-baked. Make sure that it has all the information that is necessary to make it a solid block of information – like the example provided below: […]

Overview Resume are looked through in detail by hiring managers who want to hire people with the perfect professional background. This is precisely why you should put in a lot of effort in writing your resume. The following resume sample can help you in writing your own:         Anesthetist Resume Example   […]

A Horse Trainer resume is not good if does not have an objective giving it its crowning glory. When they say that one should start everything on the right foot, this is part of what they mean! When you begin a resume, you must make sure that its introductory portion is well-written and properly structured. […]