Career growth, and the financial benefit that comes with it is one of the biggest concerns for everyone. No one wants to be stranded in the same position, year after year, and do the same thing that they have done for many years. When you feel that you are stagnated, it is time to move […]

We all look for one good career opportunity after another. To meet our financial and career growth goals, it is important that we explore different avenues. However, in order to meet one goal, we may leave some important things behind. Leaving a workplace that has taught you so much, and has given you a lot […]

Who says you cannot ease yourself out of an uncomfortable job by writing the customary resignation letter? If you feel that your work environment is not healthy, you must move on to maintain your sanity and professional decorum. But outwardly saying that the place where you work is unhealthy, may pose a problem for when […]

Writing a resignation letter – no matter what your reasons are – is never a very welcoming thing. Leaving a workplace where you have made great friends, and have learnt so much is not easy. But when the situation demands it, there is nothing that you can do but listen to it. There can be […]

There can be hundreds of reasons why you would want to resign from a position. Unfortunately, one cannot always be honest about one’s reason to leave a company. For instance, if you want to resign because you are always at daggers’ end with your boss, it may come across as if you are someone who […]

Stress is one of the major factors that makes people either lose their jobs or give up on them. Before the stress of working an extremely hectic routine gets to you, it is best to take a deep breath and resign from your position. A resignation letter that is written under these circumstances is almost […]

Resigning from your present workplace? Not sure how to go about writing a resignation letter? Nothing to fear! Writing a resignation letter may seem like such a difficult thing to do, but once you have begun writing one, the flow takes care of everything. There isn’t one reason for resignation letters seeming so difficult to […]