Through a resume, a human resource manager attempts to peek into what your abilities and qualifications are. Your resume for medical office front desk clerk position should be written flawlessly for this very reason. When you write a resume that talks about your specific abilities, qualifications, experience and academic background, you are looking at […]

Differentiating between what should go into a medical office front desk clerk cover letter, and what can be comfortably left behind to be used in a face to face meeting, can be quite a problem. Put a little bit of what you are capable of in a cover letter and leave the rest for the […]

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you receive an interview call? The answer is probably one that involves mixed emotions – excitement and terror. Both are normal. And both need to be dealt with properly. It is natural to feel excited at the prospect of obtaining a new job. But […]

Letters of reference for medical technologist position can be written in many situations, but the most common is when an ex-employee is looking for a new job. Or rather, has found a new job opportunity and is looking for someone to recommend him or her. Nowadays, references are required everywhere in the corporate world. Some […]

Position Overview Medical sales representatives are entrusted with ensuring that the company‚Äôs products, including medicines and medical equipment are promoted and sold to prospective customers, such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists. Their job is to increase awareness about a product and provide advice. A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is usually sufficient to […]

Ace this last step in the job application process and what do you get? Not just a job. You also gain a lot of experience and confidence, which you will need to do justice to the job that you will be entrusted with. Going about acing an interview is not that easy. The good news […]

Believe it or not, writing your skills in a medical interpreter resume is one of the most difficult things to do. It is not for lack of skills but lack of the ability to articulate them which makes the task so difficult. So how does one go about it? Well, you cannot not write your […]