Legal Biller Job Description for Resume

Position Overview Legal billers work for attorneys’ offices, where their primary work is to compile hours of services rendered and ensure that they are billed to the client in a timely fashion. These people need to be hands-on in working collaboratively with attorneys, to make edits to a high volume of monthly pre-bills, and subsequent… Read More »

Legal Assistant Summary for Resume

It may seem that writing a resume summary is no fun, but even if it isn’t, you don’t have a choice. If you send your resume without a summary, you risk losing out on a lot. A hiring manager who picks up a resume that begins abruptly with information on education or skills will be… Read More »

Legal Office Assistant Resume Sample

Your journey into your dream job will not be without adventures. And the first adventure is acing the process with your resume. Here is a sample to help you:       Legal Office Assistant Resume Example     Gregory Toole 665 Fifth Avenue | Minot, ND 18873 (000) 325-4534 LEGAL OFFICE ASSISTANT SUMMARY… Read More »

Legal Office Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Writing a cover letter may be the easiest or the hardest thing ever, depending on where you are coming from. It all depends on you. If your skills are exceptional where writing a professional job application document is concerned, you are a winner. If not, you are not a loser, but you will have to… Read More »

Legal Office Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

An interview develops us as individuals and professional. This is because when we go through an interview, we learn what interviewers/employers actually look for in candidates, whom they want to hire. If you present a positive side, you are in. If not, well, you know where that will go! For a legal office assistant interview,… Read More »

Public Defender Resume Sample

  Standardized resumes for public defender position area a dime a dozen. Stand-out ones are rare. And it is the latter that hiring managers want to see. If you want to write a resume that will bring results, make sure that the information in it is not standardized. Relevant and usable information is what hiring… Read More »

Legal Research Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

  Research is perhaps the best way of handling any employment related activity, including interviews. The more you know about a company and it’s standing in the industry, the better the candidate that you will be considered at the interview. Informed answers to difficult questions make all the difference in the world. Use your research… Read More »

Legal Research Assistant Cover Letter Sample

A legal research assistant resume is a long and detailed document. On the other hand, a cover letter is one page document with some professional qualifications and the information about the future goals of an applicant. Hiring managers like those applications for legal research assistant position which contains a customized cover letter. In fact, writing… Read More »

Legal Research Assistant Job Description

Position Overview A legal research assistant is a little different from a paralegal, which is a person who works at an entry level in a lawyer’s office. A legal research assistant is a person who needs to know a lot about the law, or at least some branches of the law, but does not do… Read More »

Law Clerk Resume Sample

Writing a law clerk resume is easy but writing a good one isn’t. Success at building a resume depends on you. The other way around? No! By finding the job, we mean that you need to create/update your resume according to a specific job for which you want to apply. While it is alright to… Read More »