Applying for a records keeping position? Well, you might consider including a cover letter in your job application. All employers these days expect a cover letter with job applications even if they have not demanded one. Organization is the key to success in any records keeping position, therefore your cover letter must communicate an orientation […]

A groundskeeper is responsible for the maintenance of outdoor facilities such as parks, recreational areas, football fields, golf courses and tennis courts. They ensure that the outward appearance of the premises in pleasant. They do this by trimming trees and hedges, planting trees, maintaining grass and performing pest control tasks. Companies that employ ground keepers […]

Groundskeepers are responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of an outdoor setting. They work for private and public companies, sports facilities and public parks where their main duty is to ensure upkeep of the grounds. They perform a number of activities like weeding, planting, mulching and mowing to make the area designated to them, […]

The priority of a zoo keeper is to maintain the welfare of the animals: caring for them & keeping them happy. Along with that they are also expected to get their hands dirty and clean out animal enclosures daily. Also, keenly work for the maintenance of facilities at the Zoo. Without doubt, one of the […]

Zoo keepers are required to look after animals to ensure their well being and safety. In order to be good at this position, one has to be an animal lover. If you are applying for this job, you may consider reading the following cover letter which depicts a candidate’s skills to get this job done […]

Most successful interviews are based on well-written cover letters for Animal Keeper Resume. Following the established fact that employers choose to interview candidates that send in well structured cover letter and resume for animal keeper position, it is no wonder that a lot of candidates with high experience and well honed skills are left jobless. […]

Animal Keeper Job Description An animal keeper performs duties related to the care, welfare, safety, husbandry and maintenance of native and exotic animals. Some typical duties of this professional include: • Cleaning and maintaining animals’ area • Preparing food for animals and serving in a safe manner • Removing animal excrement • Observing behavior of […]