Position Scope Duties of a college instructor may vary from one college to another, however, generally a college instructor spends some time in classroom, delivering lectures in the field of expertise and quite a lot of time in an office or staff room, grading tests and planning lectures. Cover letters for college instructor position provide […]

Resumes objectives are a great way of making a solid impression on potential employers. While many people argue that writing resume objectives is an old way of communicating with prospective employers, objective statements still serve a great purpose i.e. to provide first hand information about your career ambitions and enthusiasm to work for a specific […]

The first step in creating a convincing cover letter for gym instructor position is to read the employer’s job requirements in detail. Even if you are confident that you know the general job requirements, it’s important to check the prospective employer’s specific needs. There are many available formats for cover letters. Since the job market […]

A nurse instructor is required to teach nursing practices to nursing students. Nurse instructors are educators who have a degree in nursing and are also licensed nurses with a solid background in providing real time nursing care. With the benefit of nursing education and experience, nurse instructors may teach nursing practices or supervise student nurses […]

Position Overview Adjunct instructors work as temporary staff members at universities in anticipation of securing a permanent position. They are not considered career educators as they are not trained to be educators and often venture into this profession after working in their specialized field for some time. An employer looking for an adjunct instructor may […]

Adjunct instructors are usually hired by universities where a need for teaching specialized or beginner level courses is eminent. Teaching as an adjunct instructor is a good way to be introduced to a university’s atmosphere and look for further opportunities. Here is an example of a cover letter that a candidate will write for an […]

Adjunct instructors are usually hired on part time basis in order to teach specialized courses to students at the beginning level. They are responsible for curriculum development and managing course materials for the subject that they are asked to teach. In addition, they are also expected to perform clerical tasks. One of the hardest parts […]