The main purpose of an adjunct instructor resume is to earn a job interview. Therefore it is very important to highlight the key points of your candidacy in a dynamic manner while engaging the reader instantly with a well-tailored profile summary, core competencies and accomplishments. Guidelines • Be concise: A resume for adjunct instructor is not meant […]

Tips • Address the letter to the hiring manager or principal, never begin it with to whom it may concern. • Make the letter sound like it’s about the prospective college rather than you. • Find out the issues the relevant department is facing and mention how your skills could help in resolving them. • […]

As they say, searching for a job is a full time job! A candidate seeking a position in today’s job market needs to work very hard on the resume and job application in order to succeed. The competition in every field is so high that even well qualified candidates do not stand a chance of […]

Wondering whether or not you need a cover letter as you apply for a gym instructor position? The answer is simple and straight; yes! Every job seeker needs a cover letter irrespective of the position. A cover letter can make the difference in whether your resume will be read or passed, so make sure you […]

A resume for Fitness instructor position is a document that is in constant evolution. Candidates applying for this position must keep their resume up-to-date not only in terms of its content but also the format. In addition to adding your latest experiences and qualification in your resume it is important to bring it in line with contemporary resume […]

The increase in awareness about health and fitness in today’s world has given birth to many job opportunities such as that of nutritionists and health (or gym) instructors. The latter position is now considered important as many people flock to gyms and health clubs to shape their bodies and need the services of a gym […]

Hired primarily to impart mathematics education to students in elementary, middle and high schools, mathematics instructors help students prepare for tests, exams and college entrance exams. Many mathematics instructors also work in colleges and universities where they teach advanced mathematics courses. The basic goal of a mathematics instructor is to assist students in developing deep […]