There is no way that an ordinary swim coach cover letter will be accepted by a hiring manager who thinks much beyond the ordinary. Ordinary is the norm for hiring managers who receive hundreds of run of the mill cover letters that say a lot but have nothing much to say. Being smart counts greatly […]

Overview The debate never gets old – sizeable information should be included in a swim coach resume or just limited? We would go with the latter. You have to keep some degree of intrigue for the hiring manager to make sure that s/he is mystified enough to want to meet with you. Here is such […]

An objective (literally) means “goal”. Since resumes have a goal too – which is to obtain a job – it is important to begin them with an objective. A goal-less resume is a failed resume. What exactly is it that is so important about a resume objective? The fact that it marks the beginning of […]

Most of applicants for swim coach job do not know this but they are quite harshly judged by their ability to do things that are important to an employer. Consciously and subconsciously, an employer looks for skills and bases their opinion on what they finds out about skills. Unfortunately, most of job seekers are not […]

Position Overview Swimming is a way of life for most people in the country. And it is up to swim coaches to make sure that this way of life is maintained and carried forward to the coming generations. A swim coach is usually hired by clubs, schools and dedicated swimming facilities to provide people with […]

When was the last time you appeared for an interview? If your answer is somewhere in the vicinity of “a pretty long time”, then you are on the right page! If it has been a while since your last interview, you will be a bit shocked to know that a lot has changed where interview […]

  Resumes for college instructor position are as complicated to build as they look complicated! It is a wonder that anyone can ever get them right! However, a perfect resume is not really a myth. The perfection of a resume lies in its ability to communicate the candidate’s potential, competencies, qualifications and accomplishments to the […]