The first thing that one needs to look into when writing a resume is if the content will “talk” to the person reading it. Well-placed content has the capability of reaching out to even the most reluctant of readers. A resume that is written well is a resume that is successful. Look at the […]

A cover letter is not considered a cover letter until it tells the hiring manager much about a candidate’s aspirations and skills. Fundraiser cover letter writing is a huge responsibility. Whether you will be able to handle it or not is something that you have to look into, because it is not just the writing […]

If you have ever written a resume before, you will know the important role that an objective plays in its success. The resume objective is not something that you can use at will. It has to be part of the resume to make it more substantial. How does it do that? Well, an objective marks […]

Fundraiser is a broad term that is used for an individual (and sometimes an event) who raises funds for a certain cause. A fundraiser can work in a corporate or a community capacity, depending on his or her specific preferences. The main work of a fundraiser is to organize events and programs to collect funds […]

Finding the right set of tips to ace an interview might be a bit difficult. All interviews are not the same so it’s not too easy to lay out a foolproof plan. However, a little bit of preparation and heads up can make things easier for you on your big day. The more you know […]

A resume is not a document that holds focused information as a whole. In fact, it holds short snippets of what your professional prowess has been over the past years. The focus is distributed in different areas in the resume. But what matters most is how you have placed your skills in a resume – […]

Obtaining donations can be largely a hit or miss thing. Depending on what your reasons for wanting money to be donated are, you may come across many hurdles – or none at all. If your cause is related to construction of a hospital wing or initiating a medical service, you will be in luck. Asking […]