A good cover letter never becomes one of the crowd. Originality of content is important in cover letters. When employers go through several cover letters in one go, they all start to sound the same even if they are not. Only a cover letter that is extraordinary will catch the reader’s attention and keep it […]

Your resume and cover letter are only the first steps to the destination. The last and final one is the interview. This is where your future in the company will be decided. Being immobilized with anxiety is a common occurrence prior to interviews – our careers depend on how well we handle interviews and it […]

You may not have been as terrified watching The Shining as you have been when contemplating how to handle an impending interview. Interviews are scary prospects only because of the uncertainty associated with them. The adrenalin rush during the interview process can actually backfire, resulting in us making the silliest of mistakes and killing our […]

Most of you will be relieved to know that there is an individual known as the recess monitor who looks after your child while he or she has lunch at school and during play breaks. Since recess is the time where many children are mostly bullied (or tend to be rowdy), it is important to […]

Admissions recruiter cover letter writing is all about self-praise and marketing. Don’t be shy in telling it like it is. If you are skilled or talented in one area (or more), do not play it down. The language that you use in your cover letter is what matters most. Make your cover letter sing praises […]

Computer screening programs are a great rage nowadays and they are designed to identify admissions recruiter resumes with the most matches. What does this mean? It means that you can use technology used by companies to your advantage. Most of the time, a job advertisement will spell out quite clearly what the employer’s requirements are. […]

Position Overview Admissions recruiters are hired by colleges and universities to assist the management in selecting and recruiting the right type of students for each program or course offered. These people are highly experienced in determining student eligibility according to standards set by the educational institute. To work as an admissions recruiter, it is important […]