Cover letters are simple storytellers – they tell stories about your past professional life and they also say a lot about what you can do in the future. As insight goes, cover letters are great avenues to provide serious hiring managers with information of your abilities and accomplishments. In fact, this may be your only […]

Cover letters for postmaster position nowadays are not similar to what they were just 6 years ago. A lot has changed. While they are still used for the same purpose, they have evolved as far as the content is concerned. No longer is it acceptable to write cover letters in the same mundane way that […]

Highlighting your skills and accomplishments and demonstrating your communication abilities is what cover letters are mostly required to do. Whether you are applying for a job at the top or the bottom of an organizational hierarchy, how you demonstrate your abilities in every area that is relevant to the job, matters. The good thing about […]

Telling a hiring manager why you admire him or his company is a new way of starting a cover letter. And this way is actually quite effective. Writing a cover letter is no biggie once the first sentence is properly constructed. This sort of gives the cover letter a direction, making it easy for you […]

Content is the king of public defender cover letter. When you put special effort in crafting bulls-eye messages when writing a cover letter, the results are awesome. Adding zing to your cover letter is imperative if you want to be noticed by the hiring manager as someone who is not afraid to go the extra […]

Sending along a bodyguard – when your resume is vigorously making the rounds of prospective employers – is actually doing yourself a favor. Bodyguard aka cover letter! Cover letters are not just important because they “talk” to a hiring manager. They are important because they tell a story – your story. Snatching an employer’s racing […]

There are several different ways of writing cover letters. And not all of them are the correct ways. While employers are not usually concerned with the different manners in which you write a cover letter, they are definitely concerned with what the outcome of your efforts are. If you are hoping to get the job […]